ROTHBURY: Stay Tuned (Via Live Video Feed)




In my not-so-distant-past as a music blogger, I was sent from Boston to cover the ROTHBURY Festival on the west side of Michigan. Though the lineup featured mostly “jam bands” (a.k.a. bands appreciated by sweaty hippies), for which I have an admitted aversion, there were enough outliers (Black Lips, Modest Mouse, and…Snoop?!) to keep me entertained throughout. In addition to having a great time, I learned the following two lessons:

1) It turns out, most sweaty hippies are really nice people.  


2) Not all Dave Matthews Band fans are sweaty OR hippies.  In fact, some of them rank among the coolest, funniest people in the world, and if you go to their shows you might be lucky enough to meet them(!):

Me and KG (aka Kyle Gass, aka Rage Kage)

Me and KG (aka Kyle Gass, aka Rage Kage)

Now here’s the irony.  This year, I live in Michigan AND write a blog about the state’s music/culture and…I’m not going.  And it’s not because of the decidedly jam-filled lineup (The Dead are still…alive?).  The lineup features even more outliers than last year’s (Broken Social Scene(!), Girl Talk(!!), and Dylan(!!!)).  No, the truth is that I’ve got family in town and am looking forward to playing some HORSE, eating some kind of grilled meat, and maybe watching Step Brothers (which my brother says is funnier than you’d think and worth watching as a family).  

So here’s to you sweaty hippies.  It’s nice to know you’re out there takin’ ‘er easy for all of us sinners.  

BONUS:  For everyone else at home, I recommend you keep up with ROTHBURY via the impressive and free live video feed.  Also check out these bloggers who are covering the event:


One Response to “ROTHBURY: Stay Tuned (Via Live Video Feed)”

  1. Hey thanks a lot for linking to my blog I appreciate it! And, will keep those Rothbury pics coming!

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