What You Should Do This Week (WYSDTW): July 13 – 19 Michigan Events

Yo La Tengo Plays this Saturday in Detroit (For Free!)

Yo La Tengo Plays this Saturday in Detroit (For Free!)

Let me guess.  You’re freakin’ out about the impending chaos of summer festival season.  Sure there’s lots to do, but for every worthwhile event, there seems to be 48 worthless ones.  Don’t worry.  The Mitten is here with the first edition of WYSDTW.  You’re welcome.

Monday, July 13th

Berlin Fair:  Marne, MI

Ever been to Marne, Michigan?  Me neither.  But their Berlin Fair kicks off on Monday with beer tent that opens at 4pm and an opening night all-you-can-ride special on carnival rides for $12.  Sounds like a recipe for an amazingly dangerous Monday night.

Wednesday, July 15th

The Mindstream Project (Ann Arbor Art Fair, Wed. July 15 – Sun., July 19)

Most Ann Arborites have a love/hate relationship with the Art Fair.  Sure it’s huge and respected and brings tons of business to downtown shops. But it’s also crowded, overheated, and exhausting.  For those looking for something low-key and very cool to do, check out The Mindstream Project, where you can make your own stop motion animation.  They made this video at the A2 Summer Festival:

Thursday, July 16th

Ghostbusters, Moonlight Film Festival (free) 9:30pm

As a UM grad, I rarely advise heading to East Lansing.  But when it comes to a free, outdoor, public screening of Ghostbusters, I’ve got to make an exception.  Some think I jest when I rank this movie in my top 5 all-time.  I jest not.  It is a classic.  You’ve done well this time Spartans, but I still hope we kill you in football.  Looking for inspiration? Watch this:

Friday, July 17th

George Clinton, Chene Park

For those of you even considering going to see Kid Rock on Friday, come over hear so I can slap you.   And don’t tell me he’s a Michigan guy.  KR sold out to the red states long ago.  If you want to see a real Michigan legend, head to Chene Park to see the godfather of Detroit funk himself, George Clinton.

George Clinton plays Chene Park @ 8:00pm

George Clinton plays Chene Park @ 8:00pm

Satuday, July 18th

Yo La Tengo (Concert of Colors)

How lucky are we, Michigan?  Yo La Tengo (one of the 5 best bands of the past two decades) only plays, like, 3 more shows in America this year.  Brooklyn, Chicago, and…Detroit.  And by the way, those other two shows cost $45 and $35 to see.  The price to see them at the Concert of Colors?  Free(!!!).  Then they take a break before touring Europe in November.  This may be the best show of the summer.   For inspiration, enjoy this hilarious old music video for Sugarcube featuring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk teaching Yo La Tengo at a Rock & Roll Academy (way before School of Rock):

UPDATE: Forgot that Saturday also offers the VERY cool Shadow Art Fair at Ypsilanti’s VERY cool Corner Brewery.   Can’t think of a better way to pre-game the Yo La Tengo show.


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