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Around The Mitten (ATM): Online TV, Ice Cream, and Spaghetti Westerns

Posted in Film, Interesting People, Music with tags , , , on July 23, 2009 by Quinn Strassel

[Editors Note:  Insert obligatory blogger apology for lack of posts.  Lots happening on the real estate front.  While I deal with that, check out these cool things other people are doing around the Mitten]

This is not my video.  But I wish it was.  When I was living in Boston, I had several conversations with friends about starting an online late-night talk show.  I thought we could invite cool bands to perform and interview comedians in front of a small audience. Though I never got around to it (add it to the list), I’m glad to see someone in Detroit has.  His name is Steve Barman and his show is called The Steve Barman Show.  Here’s Episode 6:

[Vimeo 5704261]

(HT: Motor City Rocks)

Ice Cream Man Hits Michigan.  During my time on the rock festival circuit, I got to know Matt Allen, a guy who gives out free ice cream for a living.   Continue reading